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Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

Hello Ladies and gents!!!

I’m going to give you my review on the Smashbox /photo finish foundation primer!

Just a small disclaimer, all skin types are different, so what works on me might not work on you. I have oily combination acne prone skin.

Before we get started just want to tell everyone that all the products i have bought myself. if not i will let everyone know. ❤

Ok so packaging…. 8/10 I really like it. Its comes in a see through plastic squeeze tube with a black screw off lid, with silver detailing.  It comes in 30ml.

How it works…..The liquid is clear and pretty thick, once you apply it to the face if feels soft and powdery…it has no smell, that’s super nice, It doesn’t take long at all to dry. I absolutely love the feel of this primer on the skin, works AMAZING with the smashbox 15 hour wear foundation.

How does it hold the oil? YES, YES IT DOES!!!
No doubt at all!! Holds oil beautifully, Can’t get over how well this primer works 100% do recommend

purchase details: 

Price: R470

Store:  Smashbox stand in walmer park

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Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer.

Hey ladies and gents!

Today i’m going to give you my review on the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer! Hope you enjoy!

So before we get into it i just have a small disclaimer…all skin types are different, so what works on me might not work on you. My skin type is oily to combination acne prone skin.

Lets get started with packaging! It comes in a long hard see through plastic tube with an orange lid, it has a medium sized doe-foot applicator, The concealer have a strong smell but it does go away. Id give the packaging about a 7/10, i have no issues with it at all.

Moving onto shades….I have the shade 10 Nude, as far as i know they have 2 shades (1) 10 nude (2) 05 ivory. 10 nude is a pretty good fit for me, so i am happy in that department. Just wish they would make more shades.
So next i’m going onto COVERAGE!!! It says that it’s a “long lasting full coverage cream concealer. it reliably covers dark circles and skin imperfections without masking effect- for a fresh look! just dot and blend.” In My opinion, the coverage is pretty good, i must say that it does crease under my eyes no matter what i do and it burns my under eyes, nothing too bad just not very comfortable at all.

Price: R51

Store: dischem Baywest mall port elizabeth

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Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation. 

Hey ladies and gents!!! 

In this blog I am going to give you my review on the Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation! 

Before we get into it my skin type is oily combination and acne prone. Just a small disclaimer, all skin types are different, so what works for my skin might not work for yours.

Lets start with packaging….it comes in a frosted glass bottle with a silver lid and a black dropper at the top. Feels really nice and heavy, has it’s name in the front of the bottle with the amount of foundation in the bottle (30ml) standard with foundations. I give this packaging 9/10 really into it. 

Moving onto the shades! As far as I know they have 4 shades… (1) light beige (2) rose beige (3) sand beige (4) warm beige. I took rose beige. It has abit of a pink tint, not a huge fan of that but Its not the worst… 

 Ok now for the coverage!!!! Let me tell you I was SHOCKED when I saw the coverage of  of this foundation!!! Wait….beyond shocked! It’s absolutely amazing!!!! Covers almost everything!! It does tend to look abit thick and caked up but that can be fixed by applying less of the foundation! It truly is matt, dries down pretty fast ….I don’t feel the need for a powder, it dries down to a powder Finnish….I wouldn’t recommend this for people with dry skin but for oily skin it works wonders! 
Purchase details: 
Price: R135
Store: dischem Baywest mall port elizabeth
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essence camouflage 2-1 make-up & concealer

Hey Ladies and gents

Today ill be giving my review on the essence camouflage 2-1 make-up and concealer.

First of all i have oily combination acne prone skin, Most of the time its oily but in winter it gets abit dry.

Ok so lets get into the packaging…. it comes in a squeeze tube, The tube is a pinkish colour with a orange screw off cap. very pretty packaging nice and small if you are traveling, its very light weight.

Now lets get into the shades….As far as i know they only have 2 shades out…So not easy at all to find your matching shade… The 2 shades are honey beige and ivory beige, I took honey beige as it looked closest to my shade, Unfortunately it’s still abit too light, but i can fix that with bronzer.

On to coverage…I was VERY surprised at the coverage of the essence camouflage foundation, It covers most of my marks, Id say its a medium coverage, I still have to go in and spot conceal, But you don’t really have to if you are just having a day of going to shops and so on. It blends very easy and sits beautiful on the skin, Doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup. Does it hold up with oily skin? I wouldn’t say its the best with holding up with oil but if you set it with powder and a setting spray it should hold up for +- 5 hours. Cant complain about that!!

Purchase Information: 

  • Price: R69.95.
  • Store: Dis-chem Baywest mall Port Elizabeth South Africa.
  • Availability:  Clicks, dis-chem, Red square

Smashbox studio skin 15 hour wear foundation

Coming to you with a foundation review. I have given this foundation a good couple months of wear test. And it has become the one I reach for most of the time. I am in the shade 2.1, I have oily acne prone skin. Colour fits me perfect and the coverage is really great. When my acne is really bad that day I will go in with concealer and spot conceal but most of the time it’s not necessary. I would say it’s not too runny or thick. I have EXTREMELY oily skin so I wouldn’t say it lasts the whole 15 hours….I’d say a good 8 hours which really isn’t bad. Holds up for a full working day.

The packaging is gorgeous. it’s in a glass bottle with a matt black pump and has a matt black lid. Feels nice and heavy.  You get 30ml of product. Standard for foundations.

  • purchase information: 
  • Price: R525
  • store: smashbox stand at foschini in Walter park shopping centre.

Morphe 35O

My honest thoughts on the Morphe 35O eyeshadow pallet would be that its pretty amazing! Although some shades are not as pigmented as others they still work good and build up well. the shimmer shades go on nice and work even better when the brush is wet. The formula of the eyeshadows are buttery, soft and pigmented

The all round look of the eyeshadow pallet is stunning! when receiving the pallet, on first glance it comes in a black cardboard box looks very modern. on the back of the box is the ingredients and on the bottom right hand corner is a barcode. The front of the box has the name on it, under that has the website on it (

Once you take the eyeshadow out of the box the pallet is a hard plastic casing, the front of the pallet has the name Morphe on it all in capital letter but the M is in red and a larger font than the rest. The back of the pallet is plain black and in the bottom right hand corner is a silver sticker with 35O on it.

I paid R580 for my Morphe pallet with extra shipping costs. I can honestly say i have no complaints about the pallet and i will be buying more morphe products in the very near future. Great value for money with 35 shades!